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My time with Irene Salazar was a success for two reasons: 1) her skill, and 2) my willingness. In the past, various therapies to deal with childhood trauma always helped. Yet, I knew my subconscious mind held memories that impacted daily life in a limiting way but never knew how to access it. The mystery of what was hidden subconsciously unraveled as Irene skillfully navigated the ‘whole me’ through her process. Today, I wake up with joy and expectation instead of doubt and angst. The usual triggers experienced with others are gone. Each day is a revelation of positive change; positive change I expect will continue. Healing happened for me because of Irene’s wisdom, intuition, and compassion to integrate what I knew, what was hidden and desires for my life. My authentic self has emerged. I am deeply grateful to Irene Salazar. Now, for the first time, I am truly free.