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I had been searching for a long time for something to fulfill my heart. I replayed my gratitude often… "my husband and kids are healthy. I'm healthy. I have a roof over my head. I have a job…" Of course there are THINGS I wanted in life and I kept trying to convince myself that everything will get better…I just didn't know when or how. But, this yearning I had was beyond keeping my family happy and safe; it was beyond any THING that I even wanted. I had been searching for a  deeper purpose in life… I was searching for something within myself…

I knew there was greatness inside me… I just didn't know how to overcome that little voice, my daily personal struggles, and the stories I've been told or those I created for myself.

Reconnecting with Irene came at the best time. I jumped at the opportunity to enroll in Irene's <program>. I didn't know what to expect, but throughout the courses, my life began to shift and transform immensely. My awareness was heightened and my perspective of the world was unveiled. I am currently recreating my life from a vantage point, to be as I imagine it. I am truly stepping into my power. Most importantly, I found what I was looking for… ME!