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Before coaching with Irene Salazar, I was taking anti-depression medicine called fluoxetine. In 2014, I was 24 years old and found out I was in depression my whole life. During my time taking medicine, I noticed it was suppressing my emotions because I did not have that many feelings about circumstances that were going on in my life. In 2015 I was going to a psychiatrist and I felt a little different but not a lot was improving in my life. After three years had passed it was 2018, all the emotions that I had built up, started to come up. I did not notice I was in depression again.

I was paranoid about everything and when someone said something to me. It sounded like they were talking about me. The doctor increased my medicine dosage because he noticed I was in depression. After all that, I still noticed that nothing was improving, I even went to a psychologist. In March 2019, I volunteer to be a pro bono client with one of Irene’s students and followed the tasking that my student coach gave me. I started to become more aware of things in my life and my thinking.

Later, Irene started working with me in my areas of life. I decided to get off my medicine and have not been taking it since then. If you need help in improving areas in your life, I recommend Irene Salazar; she has helped me improved a lot and I am proud of meeting her in my path. If I had not volunteered to be a pro bono client and later take her NLP course, I would still be in the same situation I was before in my life!