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I can tell you about how Excellent my Coaching & Training Programs are…

I’d rather let my client & Student Success Stories do the talking…

Hi Irene,

It's been a while since we last talked but I want to take this time to thank you for guiding and working with me and Lee.

After working with you, I now know my wife a lot better than before. Our relationship has been more open and our values and goals are in sync now. We both know what we needed to do and the expectations of our role in the relationship.

One of the most important things I learned in working with you is seeing who I really am.  All the problems that I'm going through, big and small, branches out to basically every aspect of my life. 

In dealing and understanding those problems that I went through in the past and changing the beliefs of those problems, it literally changed my life. I am now closer to my wife and kids. We are truly a loving family now.  

The business plan that we put down on paper really helped generate more revenue from my personal business. In the first 3 months, I generated 50 percent more revenue and it's still growing.  I can truly say that, life is a lot better now personally and financially and the best is yet to come.

Lue Thao

I had been searching for a long time for something to fulfill my heart. I replayed my gratitude often… "my husband and kids are healthy. I'm healthy. I have a roof over my head. I have a job…" Of course there are THINGS I wanted in life and I kept trying to convince myself that everything will get better…I just didn't know when or how. But, this yearning I had was beyond keeping my family happy and safe; it was beyond any THING that I even wanted. I had been searching for a  deeper purpose in life… I was searching for something within myself…

I knew there was greatness inside me… I just didn't know how to overcome that little voice, my daily personal struggles, and the stories I've been told or those I created for myself.

Reconnecting with Irene came at the best time. I jumped at the opportunity to enroll in Irene's <program>. I didn't know what to expect, but throughout the courses, my life began to shift and transform immensely. My awareness was heightened and my perspective of the world was unveiled. I am currently recreating my life from a vantage point, to be as I imagine it. I am truly stepping into my power. Most importantly, I found what I was looking for… ME!

Tina Yang
Elementary School Teacher

Things I knew in the moment as I held the dying man's head in my arms upon the sidewalk after he was hit by a car, quickly
disappeared, after shock set into my system. In the moment, I knew I'd done everything so well. I knew so many truths in those moments as he faded from the world. Those truths, afterwards, were soon lost. Remorse, regret, fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD took over. It enveloped me every time I saw an ambulance, or the police lines, anywhere near the road he had been hit, and where his body was. I did several types of therapy over the years, directly with the ambulance company and with a counselor and my psych (things spiraled quickly, I started to not want to leave the house out of fear).

Skip forward a few years. I'd moved away from the scene, which had happened right outside my front door. I had regained heaps of my life again by doing that. I thought I had dealt well with my PTSD about that day. Little glimmers of PTSD would still spark when I went to that house to do rent inspections. The final straw was when I saw an ambulance in the same spot, again, with a man who had overdosed in almost the same spot. I spun out of control. My stable world I had worked so hard to create was rocked hard. Nightmares, fear, torment, racing heart, unspeakable thoughts; it was torture. Then I made a decision: Ask For Help! Deal with this PTSD once & for All! Irene heard my call. She gently walked me through an amazing experience where I was in control of the movie in my mind.

Finally, I got back to the place I was at in that moment when he was dying. I knew I did my best. I knew I was there for a reason. I knew I was doing the right thing. I knew it was my privilege to be there as he took his last breath. In our session, I was the director of the movie. I replayed it, bringing honor to myself and the older gentleman who passed that day. Irene heard me. She Heard the story of his passing. She witnessed my compassion for this man and humanity. I did this session week's ago. I feel so pleased with myself to have asked for help firstly. Secondly, humbled by Irene and her beautiful choice of wording to guide me through a very traumatic experience, and receive great learnings and growth. I thought I had dealt with previously as best I could. I thought occasional nightmares would be my future. I thought when I saw the site again; it was normal to be lost in tears. I know now I can deal with so much more! I know I am so very strong! I know I am a capable woman who is filled to the brim with compassion.

Thank you, Irene!!

Sarah Wade
Transformative Art Therapy & Coaching

Before coaching with Irene Salazar, I was taking anti-depression medicine called fluoxetine. In 2014, I was 24 years old and found out I was in depression my whole life. During my time taking medicine, I noticed it was suppressing my emotions because I did not have that many feelings about circumstances that were going on in my life. In 2015 I was going to a psychiatrist and I felt a little different but not a lot was improving in my life. After three years had passed it was 2018, all the emotions that I had built up, started to come up. I did not notice I was in depression again.

I was paranoid about everything and when someone said something to me. It sounded like they were talking about me. The doctor increased my medicine dosage because he noticed I was in depression. After all that, I still noticed that nothing was improving, I even went to a psychologist. In March 2019, I volunteer to be a pro bono client with one of Irene’s students and followed the tasking that my student coach gave me. I started to become more aware of things in my life and my thinking.

Later, Irene started working with me in my areas of life. I decided to get off my medicine and have not been taking it since then. If you need help in improving areas in your life, I recommend Irene Salazar; she has helped me improved a lot and I am proud of meeting her in my path. If I had not volunteered to be a pro bono client and later take her NLP course, I would still be in the same situation I was before in my life!

Jose Cabrera Jr
Software Developer

Irene’s skills, passion for her work, and intuitive gift helped me root out the deepest and most unconscious attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and unproductive states that were holding me back from living a fuller life. Irene’s genuine care comes from the heart. She is one of the most understanding and loving people I have met. I strongly recommend her coaching services.  You will be happy with the results she brings and positive changes she can help you achieve in your life.

Raul R.
Business Coach

When I first started with Irene I was afraid to put myself out there because of a history I was unable to let go of.  All I wanted for my business and myself was to shine with confidence, share my story, and help other women. But I was so afraid of being vulnerable that I stopped myself every single time. Within the first two weeks of working with Irene, I saw a dramatic change in myself. I woke up happy and started putting myself out there online, live, and in videos sharing my story. Even when it wasn’t perfect, even when I wasn’t sure what to say. Today, my history no longer haunts me, I show up every single day for myself and my business, I’m seeing major results in my business, and I am a happier person and mother. All thanks to investing in myself and the service Irene offers.

Angela Turpin
Transformational Coach

My time with Irene Salazar was a success for two reasons: 1) her skill, and 2) my willingness. In the past, various therapies to deal with childhood trauma always helped. Yet, I knew my subconscious mind held memories that impacted daily life in a limiting way but never knew how to access it. The mystery of what was hidden subconsciously unraveled as Irene skillfully navigated the ‘whole me’ through her process. Today, I wake up with joy and expectation instead of doubt and angst. The usual triggers experienced with others are gone. Each day is a revelation of positive change; positive change I expect will continue. Healing happened for me because of Irene’s wisdom, intuition, and compassion to integrate what I knew, what was hidden and desires for my life. My authentic self has emerged. I am deeply grateful to Irene Salazar. Now, for the first time, I am truly free.

Tracey M.
Business Consultant and Coach