Personal 1:1 Coaching Awaken The Hero

Irene’s 7-Steps to a powerful you, ‘Awaken The Hero’ is a 3 month, Outcome-Based Coaching Program that transforms your life!


  • Be guided step by step to discover the The Warrior Within you
  • Understand and see the limitless possibilities of your world through new lenses.
  • Create new beliefs that will serve you to focus on what you want so you can live your dream NOW
  • Have access to more energy you can use to grow your business, relationships or anything you desire
  • Discover how easily it is to love and accept yourself fully
  • Feel whole and complete
  • Know that you are capable of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to do
  • Begin to live a fulfilled life
  • Have a new appreciation of your world around you
  • Discover your purpose and live your dream
  • Discover your mission
  • Have clarity to make choices that support your dream.
  • Genuinely walk your path with heart

NLP Training

Four Possible Certifications – One Amazing Experience

Get your FREE copy of How You Can Find Your Purpose In under An Hour! Even if You Don’t Know What It Is!

This will awaken you to realize that your potential to live the life of your dreams is only a decision away. Choose to live your life on your own terms so you can begin living a deeper and more fulfilling life, NOW!